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In our trattoria, you will find a wide assortment of typical dishes prepared with the finest genuine ingredients, for the most part locally produced, and vegetables and herbs fresh from the surrounding Valpolicella hills. Following local tradition, we offer not only elaborately prepared, slow-cooked meals, but also simple dishes which are nonetheless very appetizing!

History tells us that various simple repasts were quickly prepared by the local women, following a long morning's work in the fields, to take to their men working as "cavatori" in the surrounding quarries. Considering the economic conditions of the time and the "waste not, want not" rural mentality, there was a saying in local dialect - "fen scusar quel che ghé" which meant essentially, make do - quickly - whatever was available, with a touch of fntasy in the kitchen. This explains why our menu includes not only more complex dishes, but also, according to the season, simple but authentic local dishes, which often recall simpler times and often forgotten aromas and tastes.

A typical example of the above would be meat and poultry that has first been stewed to make broth, which is then sautéed with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, or prepared as meatballs with the addition of cheese, garlic parsely, egg and breadcrumbs, or perhaps prepared as an omlette with seasonal herbs, or served cold with onion, extra virgin olive oil and seasonings.

And so it is that we proudly offer not only a rich and varied menu, but a taste of days gone by. We hope you enjoy the results!

Please make a reservation, as seating is limited.

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